Medical Center Safety Committee


Chad Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President, Chief Regulatory Officer
Chair, Medical Center Safety Committee
Phone: 615-343-0150

Rhonda Foster, Hospital and Clinic Safety
Medical Center Safety Officer
Phone: 615-322-1989
Email: rhonda,

Medical Center Safety Program

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center Safety Committee strives to ensure a safe and healthful environment for patients, visitors and staff. The program identifies the framework to ensure safe practices are followed. The safety program is based on federal, state and local ordinances, regulations and standards that are applicable to the Medical Center.

Medical Center Safety Committee

The Medical Center Safety Committee is a multi-disciplinary committee appointed biannually by the Executive Director. Members include individuals qualified by training and/or experience.  The purpose of the committee is to carry out analysis of and to seek resolution of safety management issues. The committee is charged with the responsibility for maintaining a comprehensive safety program through appropriate policies and procedures, and for conducting ongoing monitoring and evaluation of all aspects of the program.

Functions of the Medical Center Safety Committee

  1. Develop and recommend Medical Center safety policies and procedures regarding general safety and fire safety that are consistent with university policies.
  2. Develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate Medical Center Safety Programs that promote safety within the department and divisions of the Medical Center.
  3. Review and approve departmental safety reports annually.
  4. Review departmental safety programs every three (3) years. 
  5. Assure that safety information is provided in the orientation of all new Medical Center employees and in the continuing education of all employees.
  6. Collect and analyze data regarding hazard surveillance, medical device recall, accident and injury reports, and educations program evaluations.
  7. Monitor the hazard surveillance program.
  8. Document ongoing interaction with Occupational Health, VUPD, Center for Clinical Improvement, Risk and Insurance Management, Environmental Health and Safety, Radiation Safety Committee, Infection Control Committee, Disaster Committee, Laser Safety Committee, and the Ergonomics Committee.
  9. Report quarterly to the Medical Center Administration, Medical Center Medical Board, Patient Care Services Board and other appropriate staff regarding Safety Committee functions and findings.
  10. Annually evaluate the effectiveness of management plans for safety, security, hazardous materials and waste, emergency preparedness, life safety, medical equipment, and utility systems.

VUMC Policies and Procedures

  • Environment of Care Manual
  • VUMC Safety Manual
  • Infection Control Manual