Hazardous Chemicals & Safety Data Sheets at VUMC

Workplace Chemical List

  1. Each department/unit needs to compile a hazardous chemical inventory list.
  2. The list should include, at a minimum, any of these products if they are used in the area:
    1. Housekeeping chemicals
    2. Compressed gases
    3. Mercury (if mercury-type sphygmomanometers are used)
    4. Chemotherapeutic drugs
    5. Any other chemical product (i.e. ferric chloride, silver nitrate)
    6. Do not include minor consumer/office products such as adhesive tape, glue, and “White-Out.”
  3. The List must be reviewed, updated and signed annually.  The Vanderbilt Chemical List and Safety Data Sheet Verification Log is available for download as either a PDF document or a WORD document.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  1. A  SDS is required for every hazardous chemical used, stored or generated in the workplace.
  2. There should be a SDS for every chemical on your Workplace Chemical List.
  3. The SDS should be readily accessible to employees during each work shift when they are in their work area(s). (Electronic access and other alternatives to maintaining paper copies of the SDS are permitted as long as no barriers to immediate employee access in each workplace are created by such options.)
  4. Paper copies are currently required because:
    1. According to the interpretation of TOSHA/OSHA, when a computer system is down, the access is not immediate unless there is a paper back-up “readily available.”
    2. Online SDS are not really “readily available.”
  5. SDS are available
    1. from the product manufacturer.
    2. through the OCRS website main SDS page.


All chemical containers must be labeled as required by the HCS.  If chemicals are transferred to another container, the new container must also be labeled.

Many areas in the medical center use a 10% bleach solution.  Here are chemical container labels that can be used to label these 10% bleach solution containers.  


In addition to the annual online Hazard Communication Standard training, department-specific annual training is also required that covers the specific hazards associated with the chemicals included on your unit's chemical list.  Training requirements are described here.


Send questions about Safety Data Sheets, labeling or any other requirements of the Hazard Communication Standard to safety@vumc.org.