Chemical Inventory Management

Personnel, including laboratory personnel, who use or store chemicals at Vanderbilt University, are required to maintain a chemical inventory for compliance with various safety and environmental regulations, and to provide critical information to responders during an emergency.  To assist chemical users at Vanderbilt in meeting this requirement, OCRS provides Vanderbilt employees and students free access to the Chemtracker Chemical Inventory Management System, which is part of Safety HUB.  Authorized users have the ability to update chemical inventory information, prepare inventory reports, and obtain chemical safety information.

Vanderbilt laboratory personnel are responsible for maintaining an accurate chemical inventory for their laboratory. 

If you need to establish login access to Safety Hub, or if you need assistance with the program, please contact your Lab Compliance Coordinator.

If you are an established user, click here to log in to Safety Hub to access BioRaft ChemTracker.
IMPORTANT:  Chemical inventory management software changed.  Refer to this guide for assistance.