Radiation Dosimetry (Monitoring Badges)

Personnel Radiation Monitoring Requirements

The State of Tennessee requires that a person be monitored for radiation exposure if it is expected that the individual will receive a dose in excess of 10% of the annual occupational dose limits for a radiation worker, as listed below.

Annual Occupational Radiation Dose Limits for Adults

Organ Limit (mrem/year)
Whole Body 5,000
Lens of the Eye 15,000
Skin; any organ except lens of the eye 50,000
Extremities 50,000

Pregnant radiation workers should refer to the Declared Pregnant Worker page for further information.

ALARA Policy

In support of efforts to keep occupational radiation exposure As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA), the dosimetry badge program operates under an institutional ALARA Policy, which establishes criteria for dosimetry badge monitoring, dose assessment, and response to occupational radiation dosimetry badge results.

OCRS Radiation Safety reviews all dosimetry badge results and investigates high exposures according to the investigational level framework provided in the ALARA Policy. Each Radiation Safety Committee reviews a summary of radiation dose records either quarterly or biannually, depending on ALARA policy requirements. 

Read your ALARA Policy:

Radiation Exposure Monitoring

Personnel dosimeters (badges) are provided to Vanderbilt radiation workers through OCRS Radiation Safety. Radiation Monitoring badges are issued commensurate with the type of ionizing radiation to which a worker is exposed. Badges are issued to workers who are likely to exceed 10% of the annual occupational dose limits. Workers may work with radioactive material or sources of ionizing radiation and not be issued a monitoring badge.

Radiation badges will be issued based on:

  1. an analysis of the individual’s potential radiation exposure,
  2. the type of radiation source,
  3. the nature and duration of exposure, and
  4. the quantity of radioactive material that will be handled at any one time.

Apply for a Badge

Radiation workers should submit a Radiation Worker Registration Form to their Departmental Badge Representative. All badged radiation workers must comply with the instructions outlined in the Responsibilities of Badged Radiation Workers. Furthermore, all radiation workers are obligated to know and adhere to requirements listed in the Radiation Safety Manual. Radiation workers should refer to Radiation Safety Training for information on required training.

Replace a Lost or Damaged Badge

If a badge is lost or damaged, contact your Departmental Badge Representative or OCRS Radiation Safety immediately. A replacement badge must be obtained to ensure completeness in the radiation worker’s occupational dose history record.

Radiation Dosimetry Records

Access Your Dosimetry Records

For current Vanderbilt radiation workers, dosimetry badge results are available online through the badge vendor’s website.  Please refer to these instructions to access your individual dose report.

To obtain an official copy of your occupational radiation dosimetry report from Vanderbilt, complete and submit a signed Dose History Release Request to OCRS Radiation Safety.  Vanderbilt must have the signature of the individual who was monitored in order to release that person's radiation exposure history record.

All radiation dosimetry correspondence may be mailed or faxed to:

Office of Clinical and Research Safety
Radiation Dosimetry
A-0201 Medical Center North
1161 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37232-2665

Fax: (615) 343-4951

Phone: (615) 343-8502

Interpretation of Reports

For help with dosimetry report interpretation, refer to the Radiation Dosimetry Report Explanation.

Departmental Badge Representatives

At Vanderbilt, groups that use radiation dosimeters are divided into badge series, or subaccounts, and are managed by a Departmental Badge Representative. Responsibilities of the Badge Representative include:

  • Distribution and collection of badges at specified frequency (i.e., monthly, quarterly)
  • Obtaining replacements for lost or damaged badges
  • Requesting administrative changes to radiation worker or badge series account
  • Maintaining radiation dosimetry reports

For further information, Badge Representatives should refer to the Radiation Badge Representative Guide.

All Vanderbilt Radiation Dosimetry Forms