Environment of Care (EOC) Surveys

VUMC departments, units, and clinics are surveyed to evaluate employee, patient, and visitor safety and regulatory compliance with federal, state and local regulations, standards from accrediting organizations, such as Joint Commission, and VUMC policies. The Environment of Care Reference Manual is used to assist with maintaining compliance and is available on the VUMC Policies web site.

Required Survey Frequency

An EOC survey team performs an EOC survey in all clinical and clinical support sites at least once every six months, and an annual survey is performed in Medical Center areas where patients are not served.

EOC Survey Teams

EOC survey teams are composed of VUMC employees who volunteer to assist with the process. Team members are from a variety of departments and specialties including: Accreditation and Standards, Infection Control, Environmental Health and Safety, Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratory, Radiology, VUH and VCH Administration, Facilities Management, Clinical Engineering, Environmental Services, Central Supply, Emergency Preparedness, Nursing Services, and VPH.

If you would like to volunteer to participate on a survey team, send a message to eoc@vumc.org.

EOC Survey Tools Login Required

These survey tools can be used to assess safety, quality, and compliance with regulations and licensing requirements.

Primary Survey Forms
One of these forms will be used in all VUMC areas:
Supplemental Survey Forms:
Monthly Medication Survey Forms:
Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature & Cleaning Log Forms

The Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature and Cleaning Log forms are available on e-docs. To locate these forms, search for keyword "refrigerator."

Off-Site Clinic Emergency Equipment Checklist

This checklist is used as log for monitoring oxygen, suction and barrier devices for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in patient care areas not covered by a CPR Team.

EOC Survey References Login Required

The following references explain requirements for some of the topics that are evaluated during EOC surveys.

EOC Management

The survey program is managed by VEHS staff in the Hospital/Clinic Safety & Training section.

The Environment of Care Management System is an online database used to manage the surveys that are required twice each year for all clinical areas. The system allows managers to log in and respond to any problems discovered during a survey through a convenient web-based interface. Managers can use this system to look for problems and implement corrective action plans for their units.

Login RequiredAccess is restricted. Log in to the EOC Management System. Guidance on how to respond to survey results in the EOC Management System is available for unit responders and for team leaders.


If you have questions about EOC surveys, please contact Susan Johnson (343-2242).