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Ciaran Michael Considine, Ph.D.

Biographical Summary

C. ConsidineDr. Ciaran Michael Considine, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and a clinical neuropsychologist within the associated Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He earned his degrees at the University of Michigan and the University of Windsor, completed internship residency at the Detroit VA Medical Center, and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Milwaukee VA Medical center with a visiting fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Clinical Summary

Dr. Considine is primarily interested in neurodiagnostic consultation within adult neurology populations. He has focused practice within neurodegenerative conditions affecting cognition, acquired brain injury and stroke, and neuro-oncological disease.  

Research Summary

Dr. Considine’s present research interests focus on the intersection between sleep pathology and neurocognitive disorders. He is a collaborating investigator at multiple sites across the country, related to the role sleep disturbance plays in traumatic brain injury, depressive-suicidality, epilepsy, and chronic stroke. He has joined projects at VUMC related to sleep pathology and hyperactive motor-activity, as well as the neuropsychiatric features of Huntington’s Disease. Presently, he is pursuing a VUMC project designed to longitudinally track sleep architecture, neurocognitive status, and neurobehavioral symptoms. The project objectives include identifying multi-modal behavioral-profiles of pre-manifest neurodegenerative conditions, to aid in identifying patients that might benefit from early medical intervention.