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VICC Neurofibromatosis Clinic


            Neurofibromatosis and related disorders are hereditary conditions characterized by multiple birthmarks, benign nerve tumors, and a wide array of less common manifestations including developmental, neurological, endocrine, skeletal, vascular, and other problems. A tendency for other tumors and cancers, often involving the nervous system, also exists. While genetically determined, not all patients with NF have a family history of the condition. Within an NF family, not all individuals have the condition, and marked variation exists among affected members. Furthermore, the types of problems that arise with NF vary greatly at different ages. Thus few health care providers encounter enough NF patients to deal with the diverse array of issues that arise.
            The Vanderbilt Neurofibromatosis Clinic aims to provide a resource for NF patients and their families for the assessment and management of the many facets of NF and related disorders. The goals of this multidisciplinary clinic include: 1. patient education about NF, 2. monitoring for complications NF through the childhood, teen and adult ages, and 3. treatment of specific complications through a network of specialists highly experienced in managing NF patients.
The Vanderbilt Neurofibromatosis Clinic also serves to promote NF education for health care providers in training, to promote research about NF and its complications, and to serve as a source of clinical trials for NF patients.        

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Debra Friedman, M.D. Co-director Pediatrics
Dr. Paul Moots, M.D. Co-director Adult
Ms. Pam Dawson, R.N. MSN.
Patient Service Representative
Ms. Jamie Lee
NF Consulting Team
Pediatric and Adult Neurology
Dr. Eric Pina-Garza
Dr. Robert Carson
Dr. Cary Fu    
Pediatric and Adult Neuro-oncology
Dr. Adam Esbenshade
Dr. Paul Moots
            Dr. Tracy McGregor
            Dr. John Phillips
            Dr. Michael Tramontana
            Dr. Matthew Pearson
            Dr. Matt McGirt
            Dr. Kyle Weaver
Ms. Pam Dawson
Ms. Kristin Campbell
Dr. Jonathan Schoenecker
Dr. Sean Donahue
            Plastic Surgery
            Radiation Oncology
Dr. Stephanie Perkins
            Skull Base Surgery/Otolaryngology
Dr. David Haynes
Dr. George Wanna
Ms. Lesley-Ann Smith, Coordinator

Contact Information

Village at Vanderbilt, Suite 2500
1500 21st Avenue
Nashville, Tn 37212
Phone 615 936-8422
Fax      615 343-8668



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