Surplus Data and Device Removal


VUMC IT Data Center Operations provides recycling and secure destruction services for obsolete electronic devices that have been replaced or otherwise decommissioned. Devices received by the IT Operations Center (ITOC) are documented, processed, and transferred to a vendor for recycling or destruction.

How do I request assistance?

Prior to submitting a request for surplus data and device removal, customers should be prepared with the following information about each device:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial #
  • Device Type (Desktop, Laptop, etc)
  • Is a certificate of destruction required?

If the equipment to be surplussed is not supported by VUMC IT/NTT, submit a Pegasus Ticket to VUMC IT CHAIN OF CUSTODY. Before submitting a chain of custody request, please review the IT Asset Surplus & Data Destruction knowledgebase article in Pegasus. If you have any questions, please contact the IT Operations Center at (615)322-3767 or

If the equipment to be surplussed is currently supported by VUMC IT/NTT, submit a Pegasus Ticket to ALL CWS AND AWS – RECLAIM

Expected Response Method

End users will receive a response via the Pegasus Request. ITOC staff will follow up via email or telephone if more information is required. If applicable, certificate(s) of destruction will be delivered via email.

  • During processing, VUMC IT staff will document device information, including type, make, model, serial number, and VTAG number (if applicable). Hard drives and other storage media are removed from the host device, separately documented, and separately stored in secure media storage bins. Processed devices are picked up by the vendor on a weekly basis.

    After processing and pickup, the vendor supplies an inventory report and certificates of destruction. These documents are reconciled against surplus device information during processing. Certificates of destruction are available upon request.