Shared Exchange Mailboxes (SEM)


A Shared Exchange Mailbox (SEM) allows multiple users to access a shared mailbox. Each mailbox has a unique email address for sending and receiving.

All changes to SEM's need to be made by submitting a Pegasus Ticket. This is a temporary solution.  

How do I obtain access to a Shared Exchange Mailbox (SEM)?

Mailboxes can be created by submitting a Pegasus Ticket

Access to the mailbox is managed by Active Directory (AD) security groups. Access to the mailbox can be managed without requiring security groups to have access to the mailbox.

  • Overview

    By default, each VUMC email Shared Exchange Mailbox (SEM) is created with three associated Active Directory (AD) Security Groups. The naming convention and brief description of each group is as follows:

    EM’s address on the From:

    Group Name* Function
    <SEM Mailbox Name>-RM

    Resource Management (RM) – members of this group can modify the membership for the other SEM groups.

    <SEM Mailbox Name>-FA Full Access (FA) – members of this group can access the mailbox to read, move, and delete mailbox items.
    <SEM Mailbox Name>-SA Send As (SA) – members of this group can send email as the SEM (using the SEM’s address on the From: line).
    * Where <SEM Mailbox Name> is the name of the Shared Exchange Mailbox.  


    Vanderbilt Support Administrators (VSA) that manage Active Directory (AD) Security Groups can manage these groups using AD Tools. If you do not routinely use AD Tools please use Outlook as described below.

  • I received the message "The administrator has made a change to your mailbox and you must restart Outlook", what does this mean? 

    A: This message occurs when your mailbox is moved from one mailbox server to another while you were connected to it. In most cases, exiting from Outlook and restarting Outlook will get you back into your mailbox.

    Attention Skype for Business Users

    If you also use Office Communicator, you must Exit both Outlook and OC before starting Outlook again. Simply clicking on the X in OC is not enough. You must choose Exit from the menu that appears when you click on the OC icon in your Task Bar. For best results, restart your computer before opening Outlook again.

    Are there limits to the size/number of messages I can send?

    Email Size Limits

    • The size limit for a single message sent from the Medical Center is 25 MB. This size limit includes all attachments.
    • No single file within an archived attachment can exceed 20 MB.
    • The total number of files within an archived attachment cannot exceed 256.
    • The maximum folder depth within an archived attachment cannot exceed 20.

    Email Recipient Limits

    • An email can be addressed to a maximum of 250 recipients per email but it can be adjusted to meet a particular business need.
    • Use of Exchange Distribution Lists is encouraged to help maintain this recipient limit. 
    • Each mailbox can send emails to a maximum of 10,000 recipients per day.
      • Note: An Outlook Contact List counts each recipient separately whereas an Exchange Distribution List counts as one recipient.

    Secure File Transfer

    If the transfer of data does not fit either scenario, please refer to our Accellion service provided by Security Operations.