Network Attached Storage Data Services (NAS)


All NAS storage solutions utilize Redundant enterprise grade hardware, data protection provided thru local snapshots, and a copy of all production data is replicated to the other data center.  Data is stored on a secure, non-routed Ethernet network, and can only be accessed from within Vanderbilt network and VPN connections.

Network-attached-storage devices primarily used to store:

  • Unstructured/non-database data utilized
  • Used by Applications, clinical & non-clinical
  • Laboratory and research data
  • Medical imaging
  • Department data not optimized for placement in cloud (MS Access databases, document scanning and fax)

Access to shares is managed by the membership in security groups in the VUMC-only active directory environment.  Distribution lists and groups in Azure Active Directory (AAD) cannot be used to provide access to NAS shares.

All support requests related to Active Directory should be directed to the VEC Directory Services team using the appropriate Pegasus form.

The following information has been pulled from Pegasus Knowledge Management: Security Groups in

Pegasus Knowledge Management:  Security Groups in

For additional information on Active Directory Security Groups refer to the following Pegasus Knowledge Management articles:

How do I get it?

For a new service, submit a Pegasus Ticket to VUMC IT STORAGE-USER OR DEPT NAS with the following information after the Active Directory groups have been created:

  • Department info and share name
  • Size of share (GB)
  • Active Directory Groups for share permissions
    • ADMIN group
    • r/w group
    • r/o group

Note:  A request for a new storage capacity of 20TB or greater requires going through the VUMC IT governance process.  Contact a Customer Relationship Manager for assistance.  Owners of the Governance can also be contacted via  LaShawn Shaw, Linda Smith, or Kelvin Parker.

For an existing service modification (storage increase or decrease, adding or removing Active Directory groups), submit a Pegasus Ticket to VUMC IT STORAGE - GENERAL REQUEST with the following information:  

  • Department name
  • Amount to be increased or decreased
  • Names of groups and access to add or remove

To discontinue service, submit your cancellation request in a Pegasus Ticket to VUMC IT STORAGE - GENERAL REQUEST.

For restoration of data, submit a Pegasus Ticket for VUMC IT STORAGE - GENERAL REQUEST.

  • Per the VUMC IT Data Retention policy, 45 days of rolling snapshots are retained for recovery purposes.  This applies to Linux Exports and Windows NAS sharing.
  • Linux Exports are primarily used for server and application data.  These are supported by System Administrators who have their own procedures for restoration.
  • When needed, VUMC IT Storage can assist with restoring.
  • Windows Sharing file and directory recovery is designed to be self-service, using previous versions viewable in most versions of Windows.