Distribution Lists and Management

VUMC IT has developed a Distribution List Management (DLM) Tool as a temporary solution until the Medical Center has moved to its new Directory Services environment.

This tool allows Group Owners to add and remove users to their distribution lists. Coming soon, version 2.0 can:

  • Allow groups that are owners of other groups to modify (add/remove) users
  • Add a group to a group (nested groups)
  • Timeout a session (after receiving a warning message)

Access the Distribution List Management Tool at DLM.app.vumc.org.

Find instructions on How to use the Distribution List Management Tool.


Step 1 - Determine the Target Audience

Determine the email addresses that you want to send messages to:

  • Is the target audience internal to VUMC (<name>@vumc.org)?
  • Is the target audience external to VUMC (<name>@comcast.net)?
  • Is the target audience a mixture of internal (<name>@vumc.org) and external (<name>@comcast.net) email addresses?
  • Do you want external recipients to have the ability to sign up?

 Step 2 - Create your request

Now that you know the target audience and the best method to send your messages, submit a Pegasus Request to have your list created.

Please provide the following information:

  • The nature of the list  (i.e. – how you will be using the list)
  • Display name for the list (i.e. VUMC [department])
  • The preferred email address that you would like to use to manage the distribution list.
  • Will the list be dynamic? (i.e. change with new and leaving employees/department?)
  • What criteria will you use for your dynamic list?
  • Do you want to have this list hidden from other departments and list owners?
  • Attach a spreadsheet of initial list members to your new list request.

Your service request will be routed to IT staff members who will create the list for you. They will then contact you about how to manage the list going forward.