Database Services


The VUMC IT Database team is responsible for managing the Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database environments for the Medical Center. Database services include:

  • Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Clustering
  • Backup
  • Recovery
  • Security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Monitoring

The Database team currently manages over 350 databases.

Database Products

We currently offer Oracle and SQL Server, two powerful database management systems with their own sets of qualities and assets. The VUMC IT Database team can consult with you and research your needs to assure that your department receives a database that is a perfect fit. 

How do I request a database product?

It is often necessary to begin with assistance from one of our Customer Relationship Managers (CRM). You also begin the process by submitting a Pegasus Ticket.

Database Design

The Database Administration team is responsible for design functions related to Oracle and SQL databases. These include, but are not limited to, requests related to Data Definition Language (DDL), Data Manipulation Language (DML), and security.  

How do I request assistance with Database Design?

Requests for database design functions are made via Pegasus request tickets.  Separate requests are required for production and non-production work.  There are several ticket descriptions available based on the type of design request you have.  If you cannot find the specific ticket, a “General” request ticket can be used.





You can also go to the Pegasus Dashboard and type in "Oracle", "SQL Server" or "database" to bring up a list of available requests.

Database Management and Monitoring

There are several types of Database Management and Monitoring available. The Database Administration team is responsible for the installation, configuration, management and monitoring functions related to Oracle and SQL databases.  All databases are created with VUMC IT standard processes that include optimal database settings, monitoring, and backups.

How do I request Database Management and Monitoring?


For the creation of a database, the assistance of a Customer Relationship Manager is sometimes required. For these requests, a Planview request will need to be completed. This requires special privileges. If you or someone in your department does not have Planview access, submit a Pegasus Ticket to begin the process.    


All databases are created with standard optimized initialization parameters.  If you have a need to modify your database parameters please submit a Pegasus Ticket


Databases are patched on a monthly basis with the highest level, currently available patchsets. This is a Hosting Services standard and per VUMC Policy on Security Patch Management Compliance


Databases are monitored 24x7 with software that automatically notifies the Database Administration team when an event requires attention.  Notification is done via email, text messaging or through our XMatters alert service.

Capacity Management

All databases are actively monitored for maximum utilization of allocated resources.  These resources include disk, CPU, RAM, etc. If there is an issue, the Database Administration team is notified via email, text messaging or XMatters alerting, depending on the severity of the problem. 


All VUMC databases are backed up nightly. If you require assistance with your backups or more information regarding your backups submit a Pegasus Ticket.

  • Overview  Oracle logo.jpg

    The first database designed to work on enterprise grids, the Oracle database solves the problem of information management by taking database computing to a much larger scale. The Hosting team can design and maintain your database, in addition to retrieving information in different reporting and dashboard styles. 

    How can I get more information?

    Submit a Pegasus ticket or reach out to a Customer Relationship Manager for more information.