Application Integration


The integration of In-House solutions or cloud solutions enables VUMC to leverage third-party solutions that specialize in providing specific IT services which are supported by the VUMC IT data centers. Such integrations may be as simple as configuring an In-House service to use the Application and Development Integration (ADI) team's Single Sign-On solution for VUMC ID authentication or as complex as providing automated feeds containing staff and faculty information from our current HR and Finance solutions.

How can I get it?

  1. For simple integrations that only involve authentication, customers can submit a Pegasus Ticket for SSO Integration.
  2. For more complex integrations, customers should work with their Customer Relationship Managers to help identify needs and priorities.

The following is a high-level description of this process:

  • Customer meets with their Relationship Manager to describe integration needs
  • Relationship Manager works with Customer to fill out a Software Project Request
  • Request is presented at governance meetings
  • If approved, a Project Manager is assigned and resources are allocated and scheduled for the effort.
  • Detailed requirements are defined by the Customer and the technical team
  • The application is implemented 
  • Once the application is completed and fully tested, it is moved to production and ready for customer use