You will arrive the Monday before your scheduled orientation date, no reservations are required. You can check in anytime between 1pm to 3 pm.

Parking is available; you do not need a parking permit for the day you attend ALL ABOARD – see Parking.

Follow the ALL ABOARD signs to the event.

What Happens at ALL ABOARD?

1) Check In

Our friendly greeter will advise you of what stations you need to visit.

2) Complete Your Health Services

Visit the Occupational Health & Wellness booths to obtain your ALL ABOARD new hire protective health services.

  • Health Plus – Know Your "Healthy" Numbers: a representative will measure and record your blood pressure, height, weight, and Body Mass Index. You can enter the numbers recorded by Health Plus in your Compass Health Assessment, which you will receive at your scheduled Monday new staff orientation. The Compass Health Assessment is the first step in Go for the Gold, our award-winning health promotion incentive program. You can earn up to $240 on your health insurance account by completing all three steps.
  • Occupational Health Interview – You'll visit this station if you brought records to be reviewed, if you have questions about the services required, or if you've had a previous positive TB test.
  • Occupational Health injection nurse–- Our expert nurses will provide any immunization or TB test you may need.
  • Blood Draw: Most people will stop here to have blood drawn to check varicella (chickenpox) immunity. If you have a record of your immunity test or vaccination, no need to have this done.

3) Check Out

After you complete your required health services and learn about your other benefits available, you will visit the check-out table to:

  • Have your paperwork checked for completion
  • Receive important reminders about TB skin test reads

When you leave ALL ABOARD, you will have all of your required protective health services completed* and you will be ready to start work on your scheduled Monday orientation.

*TB Skin Test Reads: TB tests placed at a Monday ALL ABOARD event must be read in 2 to 3 days. To avoid delays in your start date, have your test read on Wednesday or Thursday at Occupational Health, or have it read by any physician or nurse practitioner and faxed to us at 615-936-0966 by Thursday.