Recovery Support Services


It is estimated that one out of every ten employees in the workplace has a substance abuse problem at some time in their lives. The good news is that addictions are treatable. The Recovery Support Services of Work/Life Connections-EAP offer resources for faculty, staff and supervisors when alcohol, drug abuse or other behavioral addictions and compulsions are a concern.

It is important to get help early. When treatment is indicated, Work/Life Connections-EAP will provide a professional assessment and refer the faculty or staff member to appropriate resources.

Safety is a paramount concern for our customers (patients, students, parents, families, faculty and staff).

Components of Recovery:

The Work/Life Connections-EAP (WLC-EAP) counselor may suggest a referral to a treatment resource or support groups focused on recovery from alcohol, substances or compulsive behaviors.

It is important to connect with community providers who have an expertise in dealing with the specific issues faced by those in recovery. The WLC-EAP counselor will give three referral suggestions. The client is responsible for any payment when utilizing a community provider. However, the client's Vanderbilt insurance plan may cover a portion of this charge in accordance with the criteria of the client's specific insurance plan.

Find Policy Resources:

  • Read Vanderbilt University's Substance Abuse Policy
  • Read Vanderbilt Medical Center's Substance Abuse Policy
  • Read Vanderbilt University's Faculty Manual

Additional Resources