Coaching at Vanderbilt

"Good coaching can be invaluable for even the best performers." -- Jeff Balser, MD, President & CEO, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

What is coaching? Coaching involves the process of supporting and guiding a person to meet his or her full potential. The coach's role may be as a Leader, Teacher, Motivator, Organizer, Adviser, Encourager, and/or Mentor.

Some coaching techniques include: motivational interviewing, basic skill review, enhancement of emotional intelligence, and development of vision and/or goal setting. The types of coaching available at Vanderbilt are just as varied as the possible techniques that are used. Below is a list of Vanderbilt coaching resources:

  • Work/Life Connections - EAP Performance Coaching -This service is provided by licensed professionals to help employees address workplace situations in which "personality impacts performance." Coaches help employees examine areas of limitation or challenge and assist in the development of a personalized improvement plan. Examples of areas addressed in Performance Coaching include: communication and listening skills, emotional intelligence, organizational and time management, stress management, and work/life balance. Call 936-1327 for an appointment.
  • Health Plus Lifestyle Coaching - This program promotes healthy behavior change and the reduction of health risks. Population Coaching provides, via quarterly emails, information about Vanderbilt resources and educational information pertaining to identified health risks. In addition, faculty/staff with the greatest risks in one of 4 categories: weight, physical inactivity, high stress, or tobacco use are invited to participate in Personal Lifestyle Coaching (non-clinical), the goal of which is to guide the participant in setting goals, creating a plan to achieve this goal, and providing support through the behavior change process. Call 343-8943 for more information.
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center Human ResourcesWorkforce Development Team offers a variety of professional development opportunities to individuals and teams. For example, trainings on techniques to enhance leadership abilities, education on leadership and communication styles; and instruction in preparing and conducting performance development meetings and action plans. There are a number of online resources available on their website​.
  • Nursing Education and Professional Development Frontline Leadership Academy Nurse Practicum Coaching - This service for nurses is coordinated by Chris Wilson, MSN, RN and reinforces classroom and practicum learning to enhance critical leadership skills and improve practice at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The focus is on improved critical thinking and problem solving, communication, delegation, mentoring, and other critical skills. Call 615-343-3469 for more information.