Health Plus Pacers

Health Plus Pacers

Health Plus Pacers is a VUMC community walking & running club. Participate in a weekly on-campus walk or run with colleagues, or digitally document your personal walk or run for the week to help foster a culture of physical activity. 15 weekly participations (on-campus attendance or submitting your activity virtually) earns a Health Plus Pacers t-shirt!

Here's how it works:

Complete a weekly walk or run April through October. On-campus walking at VUMC every Wednesday at 12pm. Walks will begin and end in the plaza outside of Eskind Biomedical Library, and will last 30 to 45 minutes. On-site activites will be cancelled in the event on inclement weather. 

Interested in on-site running? Contact Health Plus to coordinate a weekly on-site run around the VUMC campus. 

Not on campus? Participate digitally!

Submit your weekly walk or run via Redcap here. 15 weekly participations will earn you a Health Plus Pacers T-shirt! Upon the end of the program in October, Health Plus will contact you regarding your t-shirt size and delivery. 

Sign-up for the Health Plus Pacers email list

Receive email updates each Monday that incule the on-site routes for the week, as well as a Health Plus physical activity tip! Be the first to know of cancelled or re-scheduled on-site activites. Join the mailing list via Redcap here