Standardized Patient Baseline Exam

Standardized patients (SPs) are individuals who are hired to "act out" medical illnesses and other conditions, often repeatedly, as a teaching exercise for medical students and other learners at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. All SPs must undergo new employee screening and meet VUMC immunization and screening requirements. In addition, all SPs must undergo a baseline physical at the Occupational Health Clinic (OHC).

This comprehensive physical examination helps SP's determine which case scenarios they can portray (certain cases may have specific physical requirements.) By doing the screening at the OHC, the SP's privacy is protected so they need not disclose their health conditions to the program coordinator or their supervisor. Occupational Health will clear the individual to begin accepting assignments upon completion of the physical exam and immunization/screening requirements.

The physical exam screens for any previously unrecognized health problems, so that any abnormal physical findings discovered during a case scenario will not be a surprise to the SP.

For further information or to schedule an appointment for a physical, please contact OHC at 936-0955.

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