Online Screening

An online screening is not a substitute for a complete mental health evaluation. It does not result in a diagnosis. It can, however, provide an indication of whether or not a person has symptoms consistent with a particular illness.

Work/Life Connections has developed brief, self-assessment questionnaires that ask participants about symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress, disordered eating and negative body image, Attention Deficit Disorder (i.e., ADD or AD/HD), and alcohol abuse. The questions ask for "Yes" or "No" responses, and there is no computerized-scoring involved. This means that all responses are anonymous and confidential.

Participants simply ask themselves if they have experienced a behavior or feeling within a particular time frame, and then they count the number of times they say, "Yes." The greater the number of "Yes" responses, the greater the possibility that a participant could have a particular illness and need professional assistance. In the event that the results suggest a potential mental health concern, the participant can then access articles that offer more information about the problem and locate resources for support and assistance.

One valuable resource for VUMC faculty, physicians, staff, and their significant others is Work/Life Connections-EAP (615-936-1327). Counselors are available for assessment, brief-interventions, coaching, and consultation. All services are free of charge.

Vanderbilt students are eligible for services through the Student Health Center​ (615-322-2427), and students can receive free counseling support through the Counseling Center​ (615-322-2571).

Please select one of the following illnesses or issues to begin your self-assessment: