Faculty/Staff Individual Ergonomic Evaluation

If you have completed the Vanderbilt Online Tutorial for Ergonomics (VOTE) and still feel that your workstation is ergonomically incorrect you may do the following:

Steps to obtain an in-person evaluation:

  1. Complete the Vanderbilt Online Tutorial for Ergonomics (VOTE)
    • For VUMC Login to the Learning Exchange
    • For VU Login to Oracle
    • Search for "VOTE" (without the quotes)
    • You should see a course titled "Vanderbilt Online Tutorial for Ergonomics"
    • Click the Launch or Enroll button to get started
  2. Adjust your workstation as recommended by VOTE
  3. Give recommendations at least one month to work
  4. If VOTE does not address your ergonomic issue, or the suggestions have not worked for your workstation, discuss with your supervisor.
  5. If you and your supervisor feel that an in-person evaluation is needed, complete an Ergonomic Consultation Request.
  6. Supervisor approval is required for staff requesting an in-person ergonomic evaluation. If you are a faculty member, supervisor approval is not necessary.

Also, if you have a musculoskeletal disorder that your healthcare provider thinks may be due to your job, your provider may complete the Ergonomic Consultation Request. Once your healthcare provider has completed the request, our Ergonomist will contact you for an appointment.