Current Residents

Overall Educational Goals for Vanderbilt General Surgery Residency

The Vanderbilt Department of Surgery maintains a century-long dedication to teaching, research, and service to patients. We recruit and seek to stimulate individuals with the dedication and motivation to acquire knowledge and skills which will enable them to achieve excellence in the care of surgical patients, and in addition, to make contributions of their own to surgery and to better surgical care.
We are dedicated to deliver the highest quality surgical care in a manner above reproach and to foster honesty, respect, and compassion in our interactions with patients, families, and colleagues; and have a commitment to educational development.

The competency-based curriculum development and implementation for general surgery are joint endeavors of faculty, residents, and the surgery education office. Using the four pillars of resources, Vanderbilt Center for Experiential Learning and Assessment (CELA), conferences, and clinical experience structured by the six-step approach developed by Kern (1998, 2009), our outline includes:

  • Problem Identification and General Needs Assessment
  • Needs Assessment of Targeted Learners
  • Competency-based Goals and Objectives
  • Educational Strategies
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation and Feedback

2023-2024 Surgery Residents Composite

composite 23-24