Wellbeing Response Team

Resilience Rapid Response Team (“R3T”):

These individuals have undergone specialized training through our employee assistance program that has equipped them to identify early signs of burnout, how to talk to residents or faculty who may be struggling with a work or non-work related challenge, and how to direct them to appropriate resources quickly and confidentially. They are committed to being approachable and available to the residents and faculty of the Department of Surgery during ordinary and extraordinary times of stress.

Attending Members

  • Raeanna Adams
  • Christina Bailey
  • Colleen Brophy
  • Shannon Eastham
  • Molly Ford
  • C Louis Garrard
  • Sunil Geevarghese
  • Lee Gorden
  • Mary Hooks
  • Kamran Idrees
  • Rondi Kauffmann
  • Tim Nunez
  • Richard Pierce
  • Allen Peetz
  • Matthew Spann
  • Raeshell Sweeting

Resident Members

  • Gretchen Edwards
  • Rachel Koch
  • Sekhar Padmanabhan
  • Carolina Pinzon-Guzman
  • Cameron Schlegel
  • Paula Smith