Link MyNCBI to eRA Commons

Instructions for linking your

My NCBI account to your eRA Commons account

In order to contact your publications to your RPPR report in eRA Commons, your My NCBI account and eRA Commons account must be linked. Log in to your My NCBI account at My NCBI Home and follow the instructions below.

1.) Click on your user name or email address (whichever appears) at the top-right corner of the screen.

Top right corner



2.) Go to "Linked accounts" and click on "Change", if the account is not already listed.

Linked accounts




3.) Under "All Available Partner Accounts," search for "NIH". Under Login Account Options, you should see a link for "NIH & eRA Commons." Select the link and login with your eRA Commons username and password when prompted.

NIH link







4.) If your My NCBI account is successfully linked, you should see this icon on the My Bibliography page as in the below image.

Showing link