Work-Related Health Screenings

The Occupational Health Clinic (OHC) provides targeted health screenings and examinations to ensure that faculty and staff meet specific job requirements.

  • Animal Allergy Screening - OHC conducts screening for animal allergies for all faculty/staff who work with vertebrate animals.
  • Animal Care Physicals - Occupational Health provides programs to prevent and detect zoonotic diseases in individuals who work with certain high-risk animals.
  • Child Care Physicals - Child care workers require a medical evaluation every three years.
  • Formaldehyde Physicals - People who work with formaldehyde or embalmed specimens receive annual health monitoring and are enrolled in a respiratory protection program.
  • Hazmat Physicals - Hazmat physicals are for Vanderbilt Environmental Health & Safety staff who routinely handle hazardous material and waste.
  • Hearing Screening - Hearing tests are conducted annually to monitor for signs of hearing loss in employees who are exposed to high levels of noise at work.
  • Lifeflight Physicals - Flight crew members are required to undergo annual physical exams and meet regulatory requirements to ensure safety during air ambulance transports.
  • MRI Screening - Employees who work in close proximity to MRI magnets are screened to identify any metal implants, fragments or devices that could be adversely affected by the magnet.
  • Police Physicals - All Vanderbilt Police Officer candidates entering the Academy undergo a screening physical exam at the Occupational Health Clinic.
  • Standardized Patient Physicals - OHC conducts baseline physical exams for Standardized Patients – employees whose job is to "act out" medical illnesses and other conditions, often repeatedly, for teaching purposes.