Health Plus Step Challenges

Step Challenge​Compete with colleagues or just have fun recording your steps to celebrate health for a chance to win great prizes. The more steps you accumulate, the more prize drawing entries you achieve!

Here's how it works:

Record daily steps over a 4-week Challenge period

  • Digitally with the MyCap app or
  • Logging manually with a document provided by Health Plus or
  • Connect with FitBit to sync your steps

Logs can be attached and submitted via email to Health Plus

You are entered for Prize Drawings for number of steps recorded:

  • 1 entry for 100,000 steps (~3,500 steps daily average)
  • 2 entries for 150,000 steps
  • 3 entries for 200,000 steps
  • 4 entries for 250,000 steps (~9,000 steps daily average)

Winners drawn receive $25 gift cards!

How can I track my steps? Steps can be tracked several ways:

  • Wearable devices like Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple Watch
  • Smartphone apps like iHealth or Google Fit

What if I don't Have a Step Tracker? 

  • Convert your physical activity with our Step Conversion Chart

Step Challenges for 2024

  • Step for Your Heart (February 1-29) Register beginning January 25
  • Active in April (April 1-30) Register beginning March 25
  • Move in May (May 1-31) Register beginning April 25
  • Spring into Summer (June 17-July 15) Register beginning June 10
  • Fit for Fall (September 16-October 14) Register beginning September 10
  • Step for the Holidays (December 1-31) Register beginning November 25

Get Stepping and Good Luck!