Ditching Dairy?

​Over the years, dairy alternatives have become incredibly popular. In fact, non-dairy sales are surging when compared to traditional dairy products, showing that many people are making the switch. Some reasons people may choose to remove dairy from their diets include lactose intolerance, allergies, veganism, and health concerns. Full-fat dairy contains high amounts of saturated fat, which can increase your risk of heart disease.

While a dairy-free diet has some benefits, it is important to make sure you get all the nutrients that dairy provides from other food sources. Review the handout below to learn more about the benefits and nutrients you won't want to miss!


Ditching Dairy: Your Guide to Success


On your next trip to the grocery store try a dairy-free food. Be sure to read the nutrition labels and try to include the four nutrients discussed above (calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, and protein).  


Nice Cream

Taco Bowl


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