Finding A Mental Health Provider

Finding the right provider is important when beginning the therapeutic process. Work/Life Connections-EAP at 615-936-1327, is available for a confidential meeting with a faculty/staff member of Vanderbilt to assess the presenting problem, identify related issues and consider important demographic considerations (location, insurance, etc.) to assist in matching you with a potential provider. A counselor will suggest three or more potential providers who may meet your needs. The counselor may also talk with you about the process of selecting a provider with whom your are comfortable.

If you wish to initiate a search on your own, you can call the Vanderbilt insurance provider to obtain a list of providers at 1-800-743-0910.

You can also visit the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Human Resources website if you are a Medical Center employee, visit the Vanderbilt University Human Resources website if you are an employee of the university, or visit the insurance company's website to locate providers:

Find Aetna Providers:

  • Sign in as a "Member" or as a "Guest." If you choose to use the "Guest" option, you will need to enter your location before starting your search.
  • Select a Plan. "Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network" includes all Tier 1 providers, which means your co-pays and co-insurance are less. "Aetna National Network" is considered Tier 2 in terms of coverage and co-pays and co-insurance may be higher.
  • Either search for a type of provider or a name of a provider in the "Search" box, or you can select the "Behavioral Health" category below "Search."
  • Select the category within "Behavioral Health." You will likely want to select "Beha​vioral Health Professionals."

Employees can also use the Teladoc options through Aetna.  Visit the site to learn more.

Provider Types

  • Psychiatrist: A physician who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, addictive, and emotional disorders. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication to help reduce or control the symptoms of a mental health disorder.
  • Advanced Nurse Mental Health Practitioner: A nurse with additional training who specializes in the treatment of mental, addictive, and emotional disorders. An ANP can prescribe medication under the supervision of a physician.
  • Clinical Psychologist: A PhD, PsyD or EdD level practitioner trained and educated to perform psychological research, testing, and therapy.
  • Licensed Master's Level Counselors: Clinicians trained to assess and provide therapy and licensed by the Tennessee Board of Healing Arts.
    • LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    • LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor
    • LMFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor
    • LSPE - Licensed Senior Psychological Examiner

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