Health Plus
February 26, 2015


Eating nutritious foods is one way you can positively impact your health. The Dietary Guidelines recommend focusing on consuming nutrient-dense foods and beverages. Health Plus offers CORE Nutrition to help you build a foundation for healthy eating.

CORE Nutrition offers practical recipes, healthy samples, and reliable nutrition information in a fun, come and go atmosphere.

Health Plus brings CORE Nutrition to your department! Events are scheduled for 1-2 hours and allow faculty and staff to come and go as their schedules allow. Drop by to receive healthy samples, practical recipes, and the opportunity to ask questions of a Health Educator.

Topics Include:

  • Make Ahead Meals: Busy schedule? Plan ahead and make weeknight meals a snap.
  • Satisfy My Sweet Tooth: Gain ideas on how to indulge in sweet treats and feel good about it!
  • How to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables: Experiment with these delicious ways to get your 5 servings a day.
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget: Gain tips of preparing healthy meals without breaking the bank.
  • Smart Snacking: Learn how to keep your energy boosted and weight maintained with healthy snacks.
  • Foods to Fuel: Gain simple strategies on how to fuel up and recover from physical activities.
  • Eating Out Made Easy: Take the guess work out of your food choices. Receive a packet to help guide you at popular restaurants.

​There is no cost to book a CORE Nutrition event.

Schedule a CORE Nutrition in your department!