Shelagh Mulvaney, PhD

Associate Professor
Nursing, Pediatrics, and Biomedical Informatics

Shelagh Mulvaney, PhD, is Associate Professor of Nursing, Pediatrics, and Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University. A Clinical Psychologist by training, her research interests focus generally on consumer health informatics. She leads NIH and foundation-funded research to improve the assessment and integration of psychosocial factors in the design and evaluation of technology- and informatics-mediated behavior change support systems. Her research has led to efficacious internet, mobile, and informatics-based data integration and self-management interventions for youth and adults with diabetes. Several key aspects of her research are the use of social learning mechanisms to promote behavior change, the integration of processes that engage patients with their health data in daily environments, development of patient-reported outcomes clinical informatics systems, and tailored mobile patient health communications. Current research integrates wearable sensors, blood glucose, and momentary assessment of social context, affect, cognition, and behavior for personalized just-in-time feedback. Dr. Mulvaney is a dedicated teacher in graduate education related to quantitative research design, socio-cultural aspects of science and science education, and consumer health informatics. She serves as an Associate Editor of PLOS Digital Health and reviews grant submissions for NIH CIDH, NSF, and Diabetes UK.


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