Randy Winstead, MSN, RN

Principal Application Analyst
Inpatient Orders Team, VUMC HealthIT

Randy Winstead is an accomplished professional with a strong background in healthcare technology and a passion for data-driven decision-making. Currently serving as the Principal Application Analyst on the Inpatient Orders Team, Randy plays a crucial role in optimizing patient care processes. Randy obtained a Bachelor's degree from Western Kentucky University and a Master's degree from Walden University, providing him with a solid foundation in both technical expertise and analytical skills.

Throughout his career, Randy has achieved notable milestones. His experience in direct patient care within the adult emergency department has given him invaluable insights into the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Additionally, Randy's contribution to developing training for the ASAP module during the Epic Leap Go Live initiative has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition for healthcare professionals. His dedication to preparing and educating others underscores his commitment to improving healthcare practices.

Randy's exceptional performance has earned him recognition in the form of the Partner Promise Award, acknowledging his outstanding contributions. Furthermore, his expertise has led to an opportunity to share his knowledge and teach at Vanderbilt University, where he imparts his wisdom to the next generation of healthcare professionals. With a strong interest in data-driven approaches, Randy is deeply invested in leveraging information and analytics to guide decisions and assess the effectiveness of interventions. His passion for using data to enhance healthcare outcomes sets him apart as a forward-thinking professional. Moreover, Randy's certification in 13 different areas of Epic highlights his dedication to staying current with industry best practices and his commitment to delivering exceptional results.