Laura Zahn, MS

Senior Project Manager
VCLIC, Department of Biomedical Informatics

Laura obtained her BS and MS in Biology from Austin Peay State University (Clarksville) where she was actively involved in a variety of basic science research projects, including climate-related dendrochronology, animal behavior and brain tissue histology, and ultimately cancer cell biology research employing advanced confocal microscopy techniques for her thesis. After completing her MS in 2016, Laura promptly joined Vanderbilt’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (VICTR) where she led the popular Research Studio program which enables investigators to receive focused input from multi-disciplinary experts to help refine their research goals. Through this work, Laura facilitated and participated in hundreds of high-level, science-heavy discussions focused on generating testable hypotheses, improving study design, enhancing rigor, and crafting compelling narratives to secure grant funding. Within her time in VICTR, Laura also fulfilled critical evidence synthesis work in support of both the Drug Repurposing program, which leverages PheWAS analysis of BioVU/RD data, and the NHLBI Collaborating Network of Networks Evaluating COVID-19 and Therapeutic Strategies (CONNECTS) program.  

Laura is now a Senior Project Manager for VCLIC and excited to grow her budding data science skills within the realm of clinical informatics. She is particularly interested in environmental contaminants and stressors and opportunities to use informatics in this area to improve public health. In her role as VCLIC Senior Project Manager, Laura will assist with organizing and executing educational initiatives and training events and will especially focus on growing and enhancing the VCLIC-HealthIT evaluation and dissemination project portfolio. She will contribute to several ongoing research efforts related to health information technology quality and safety and user experience, learning and growing her informatics and data science skills along the way.