Julie Bauml, MD

Clinical Fellow
Biomedical Informatics

My name is Julie Bauml.  I’m a radiologist from Chicago.  I graduated medical school from UI Chicago in 2010 and did my radiology residency there as well.  After that, an MRI fellowship at UW Madison.  I have worked as an attending at Mercy Hospital in Chicago, as an assistant professor in radiology at UI Chicago Hospital, and now most recently for private practice in Elmhurst, IL.  Working in various environments has shown me how much opportunity there is for improving medicine with health informatics.  The same issues keep cropping up: high volumes, inefficient paperwork, burned out providers and overly complex systems for patients to navigate.  I would really like to draw on my experiences to improve the environment for medical providers and patients alike so that the entire system can be more sustainable. 

I started my 2-year clinical informatics fellowship in July 2022 and as part of it am enrolled in the MS-ACI program as well.  I am hoping the master’s program will help me with the didactic tools and project experience I need to get the ball rolling.  I have many interests in the world of informatics including process improvements, imaging AI/ML solutions (both interpretive and especially non-interpretive/workflow), inter-facility data sharing, and provider burnout.  Although the majority of my experience is in radiology I’d love to expand my abilities in other clinical fields as well.