Urologic Oncology Conditions: Prostate Cancer Online Resources

Online resources for men with prostate cancer and their families

It can be overwhelming to search the internet for information about prostate cancer. We have put together a list of internet resources that you may find helpful. Please keep in mind that the field of prostate cancer changes with time, so there may be newer information that is not contained in these resources. Also, keep in mind that prostate cancer comes in a wide range of severity – from very mild (“low-risk”) cancers that can be safely observed without treatment to more aggressive forms for which treatment is recommended. Try to read the sections that address the severity of disease that you have (your doctor can help you figure this out, and some of the online resources also may be helpful for that).

Understanding prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment

Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center

American Cancer Society

Prostate Cancer Foundation Patient Guide

Urology Care Foundation Patient Guide


The chance of finding prostate cancer on a biopsy in men who have never been diagnosed with prostate cancer: PBCG Risk Calculator

The chance of cure after surgery (chance of cure with radiation is similar): https://www.mskcc.org/nomograms/prostate/pre_op

Quality of life outcome after treatment (Beta version): https://statez.shinyapps.io/PCDSPred/

Patient Advocacy Organizations