U.R.I.Ne Lab

Stuart Reynolds, MD

Urinary Reconstruction, Incontinence, and Neurourology (U.R.I.Ne.) Lab

The U.R.I.Ne. Lab is committed to improving the understanding and management of functional urinary disorders and lower urinary tract dysfunction, including overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome, urinary incontinence, and neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction.

Our goal is to better understand biological, psychological, and contextual mechanisms underlying urinary dysfunction in order to optimize management of these disorders and restore pelvic health.

Dr. Reynolds uses a transdisciplinary approach and cutting-edge research methods to examine the roles that the nervous system, mind, behavior, and social factors play in people’s experience with urinary disorders.


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Lab News and Publications

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W. Stuart Reynolds, MD, MPH | Associate Professor | w.stuart.reynolds@vumc.org

Mariah Hardison | Clinical Research Coordinator II | mariah.p.hardison@vumc.org