Education: Pediatric Urology Fellowship: How to Apply

How to Apply

We participate in the Society for Pediatric Urology Fellowship Matching Program. Before you apply, please register online
If you are interested in the Pediatric Urology Fellowship, please email a request for application to Cody Desaulniers at, at least 18 months before graduation.
Your application should include:

  • Three letters of recommendation, including one from your program director or another urologist who knows you well 
  • Personal statement outlining your interest in pediatric urology 
  • Copy of your current CV
  • Submit universal application

Fellowship applicants must have completed an accredited urology residency in the United States or Canada.

Please mail or email your application documents to:
John C. Pope, IV, MD 
Fellowship Program Director 
Division of Pediatric Urology 
2200 Children’s Way 
4102 Doctor’s Office Tower 
Nashville, TN 37232

Email to with a copy to

We accept applications between October and February. Interviews take place beginning late March through early May.

Fellowship Interview Dates for 2021

  • Tuesday, 4/27
  • Wednesday, 5/5
  • Tuesday, 5/11