It Happened in Seconds (Firefighter Burn Injury Awareness Training)

Through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation has been able to develop a burn injury awareness program for firefighters nationwide. The course was developed by firefighters, burn surgeons, nurses, and protective garment manufacturers from around the country.
The course was not developed to teach fire ground operations or tactics as these vary greatly around the country. It Happened in Seconds runs approximately 2 hours and is instructed by a firefighter and burn unit professional through a lecture and video presentation. Course materials address the following topics:

  • The risk associated with firefighting and receiving a burn injury
  • The design, limitations, and use of personnel protective equipment
  • Causes of firefighter burn injuries
  • Firefighter safety, situational awareness, and risk assessment
  • What we have learned from the past reviewing case studies
  • The importance of receiving proper care and where to seek treatment for a bun injury
  • Pre-hospital treatment of a burn injury
  • Treatment and rehabilitation process following a burn injury
  • Building partnership with your local burn unit
  • For more information contact: Erica Schoch at