Falls Prevention Programs

The Stepping On program offers older people a way of reducing falls and at the same time increasing self confidence in situations where they are at risk of falling. The Stepping On program incorporates a group setting plus individualized follow-up. It covers a range of issues, including falls and risk, strength and balance exercises, home hazards, safe footwear, vision and falls, safety in public places, community mobility, coping after a fall, and understanding how to initiate a medication review.


The SLIP injury prevention program is designed to address the needs of older adults. Elderly persons are disproportionately at risk for poor outcomes following injury, and are rapidly growing in the overall population. The aging process affects visual, cognitive, and psychomotor skills, and even simple tasks of daily living can put older adults at risk for injury. These facts support the need for injury prevention programs like this one.

  • Balance Your Life (fall prevention)
  • My Home, Safe Home (home safety)
  • On the Right Road (motor-vehicle safety)
  • Stepping Out Safely (pedestrian safety)

™For detailed information about the SLIP program, please visit: https://www.traumanurses.org/geriatric-ip-falls
™To schedule a SLIP program, please contact Cathy Wilson at catherine.s.wilson@vumc.org