X-Ray Safety Training

X-Ray safety training is required annually for all individuals who operate x-ray machines and/or are routinely exposed to x-rays during work.  Two different training courses are available online in the Learning Exchange.

Clinical X-Ray Safety Training 

Please also refer to Diagnostic Imaging X-Ray Safety, VUMC Policy SA 10-10.16.

  • If you are present in the room with an x-ray machine while it is on, but do not operate the machine, you will need to complete the Clinical X-Ray Safety (non-operators) Course, which is available online in the Learning Exchange.  To enroll, log into VUMC Learning Exchange.
  • If you operate x-ray machines, you will need to complete the Clinical X-Ray Safety (for operators) Course.

Analytical X-Ray Operator Safety Training Course

  • Training is available online in the University Learning Exchange. Send an email to radsafety@vanderbilt.edu to request this assignment.
  • Note:  Analytical X-Ray Machine Operators must use this form to record required quarterly interlock test results.