X-Ray Safety

All x-ray producing devices must be registered with the State of Tennessee and inspected on a recurring basis as specified in 0400-20-10-.27(3)(a) in State Regulations for the Protection Against Radiation.

Safety & Compliance Inspections

The VUMC Department of Radiology and the Department of Radiation Oncology works in partnership with OCRS Radiation Safety to manage compliance inspection for the Medical Center. Frequency of inspection is based on the classification for the device.

OCRS Radiation Safety manages compliance inspections for all x-ray producing devices registered to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Vanderbilt University.  


For all non-clinical VU and VUMC x-ray producing devices, contact OCRS Radiation Safety immediately to register machines.  X-ray producing devices must be registered within ten calendar days of receipt or relocation.

For all clinical x-ray producing devices, the VUMC Policy Diagnostic Imaging X-Ray Safety states, "Any person or organizational unit bringing x-ray equipment on site must notify Radiology Administration, Clinical Engineering, and OCRS prior to installation, and within 5 days from when the equipment either arrives on site, leaves the site, or (except for mobile units) is relocated on site. Any department failing to provide this prior notification is responsible for any fees, penalties, and interest resulting from late registration of the device(s)."  Notification to OCRS regarding newly acquired x-ray devices, x-ray devices requiring disposal, or x-ray devices requiring relocation can be made here.


All devices must be labeled with the words "Caution - Radiation - This equipment produces radiation when energized." Any entrances to rooms with fixed units must also be posted. If you need labels or postings, contact OCRS Radiation Safety.  If you work in clinical areas at VUMC, you can also contact Caleb Gash in Radiology Administration.


Click here for information about X-Ray Safety Training.

Clinical X-Ray Safety

Analytical X-Ray Machines

Analytical X-Ray Machine Operators: You must use this form to record required quarterly interlock test results.


If you have any questions about x-ray machines, please contact someone in OCRS Radiation Safety.