Aug 15, 2019: What is the Question of the Week?


Welcome to the Question of the Week.  Hopefully our distribution lists are updated now.

This is a short discussion on toxicology topics, usually a paragraph or two.  Topics are chosen for a number of reasons:  the poison center is receiving questions about a topic, there are a number of calls about a certain exposure, or health care providers request that a particular topic be addressed.  

I’ve attached two Questions of the Week that have been quite popular.  One is why we admit carbon monoxide exposures (not dependent on carboxyhemoglobin concentration).  Did you know that hydroxycobolamine may cause a decrease in the CO reading?




The second attached question is why asymptomatic Wellbutrin overdoses need to be monitored for 23 hours (read the attached). 


 All of our questions are on the TN Poison center website under the tab of health care providers.  Click here to visit.


This question was prepared by: Dr. Donna Seger

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