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ClearMate Approved: A Carbon Monoxide Poison Treatment Device

U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Allows Marketing of New Device to Help Treat Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning.

This is especially important to Tennessee residents as there are not many hyperbaric chambers available.

Click here to read the FDA News Release.

Fatal Methylene Chloride Paint Removers Banned

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency bans consumer sales of Methylene Chloride paint removers.

WebMD article: 21- year-old Kevin Hartley from Nashville, TN dies from exposure of this toxic chemical.

Click here to read EPA news release.

Fentanyl: The Deadliest Drug in America

Fentanyl Deaths Skyrocketed More Than 1,000% Over Six Years in the U.S., 2011-2016.

Click here to read the National Vital Statistics Report – TN is in Region 4

Click here to read the CNN news report.