Aug 22, 2019: Are You Aware That Vaping Has Been Reported to Cause Lung Disease?


States have recently reported a possible association between vaping and lung disease.  Both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have reported severe lung injury following vaping and investigations are under way.  Since July 1, 2019, Tennessee Poison Center (TPC) has received 23 calls regarding e-cig exposure, but none were associated with lung injury.  Yesterday we received the first call of lung injury associated with vaping from East TN Children’s Hospital.

The identification of cases will be critical in order to fully assess the impact as well as investigate the cause and prevent further harm. The Tennessee Department of Health recently send out a TnHAN notification requesting that the Dept of Health be notified of any suspected case of lung injury related to “vaping”.  Specifically: email and provide 1) patient’s home county, 2) brief clinical summary, and 3) healthcare providers name, email address and phone number.  You can also call Tennessee Poison Center at 1(800)222-1222 who will notify the health department with this information.  The poison center can provide assistance in the evaluation and potentially management of patients.  Additionally, cases reported to poison centers will be catalogued in the National Poison Data System which will greatly strengthen the public health response to this potential threat.


I have attached the alert sent out by the Pittsburgh Poison Center regarding lung injury associated with vaping. 


If cases are reported to the TPC, we will notify and partner with the Department of Health to take appropriate steps regarding notification to health care providers.

This question was prepared by: Dr. Donna Seger


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Donna Seger, MD

Executive Director

Tennessee Poison Center

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