Resident Orientation

The goal of orientation is to introduce first year residents to ophthalmology and to help them develop a broad fund of knowledge in this specialty.

Orientation includes one week of Ophthalmology specific lectures, hands-on workshops, electronic medical record training, and tours of facilities. Examples of topics and workshops are listed below.

  • Eye Anatomy
  • Slit Lamp Practical Session
  • Intro to Wet Lab
  • POAG/Tonometry and Glaucoma Practical Session
  • Ophthalmic History & 8-Point Exam
  • Common Calls
  • Refraction
  • Intro to Retinal Exam and Practical Session
  • Visual Fields
  • Clinical Neuro Exam Practical Session
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Hyphema
  • Stress in Residency
  • Resident Research
  • Periocular Trauma and External/Plastics Exam Practical
  • Refraction Practical Session
  • Ocular Burns
  • Ocular Emergencies
  • Coding
  • Pupil Exam
  • Oculoplastics Suture Lab
  • Visual Acuity and Lensometry
  • Contact Lens Fitting Workshop
  • Pediatric Consults
  • B-Scan & OCT
  • Differential of the Red Eye