Living in Nashville

Travel and Leisure magazine recently named Nashville "America's Friendliest City," 4th Best American city for Holiday Travel and Culture and 6th Best for Fall Destinations. With a new Symphony Hall in the works, a major art museum, and several local theatre companies, Nashville is not the backwater town it used to be.

While Nashville's population has grown dramatically (the metropolitan area is home to almost 2 million people), it's still easy to get around. Three major interstate highways converge downtown and connect beautiful bedroom communities to the city. The airport is convenient to both downtown and to Vanderbilt.

Like the rest of the country, the price of real estate has escalated in the last couple of years, but Nashville is still relatively inexpensive compared to other major markets. Immediately adjacent to downtown, tree-lined older neighborhoods are home to residents who don't want to commute. The urban dwelling craze has hit in a big way, and there is an abundance of renovated and new lofts and condos within a few minutes of Vanderbilt.

Nashville is Music City, and there are many venues where you can hear live music of every genre. But music's not all - Nashville's got professional football and hockey, as well as a Triple A baseball team. The restaurant scene is reaching out beyond the chains and every neighborhood has at least one or more sophisticated offerings. Ethnic cuisine and markets abound. In the last couple of years, shopping for clothes and home furnishings has gotten a lot more fun, with a proliferation of boutiques and specialty stores.

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