Fellowship in Vitreoretinal Diseases and Surgery

In person interviews will be held on the September 28th and 29th.  
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Message from the Fellowship Program Director


The purpose of the fellowship program is to train competent, compassionate, clinicians who have mastered the most advanced methods of surgical and medical management of diseases of the retina and vitreous. The fellowship program provides an intensive, challenging, broadly based clinical and surgical experience with the goal of motivating physicians to pursue leadership positions in ophthalmology.


Edward F. Cherney, M.D., Professor
Fellowship Director


Paul Sternberg, Jr., M.D., Professor and Chairman

Milam A. Brantley, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Edward F. Cherney, M.D., Professor

Edward Chaum, M.D., Ph.D., Professor

Irina De la Huerta, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Avni Finn, MD, MBA, Assistant Professor, Associate Program Director

Sapna Gangaputra, MD, MPH, Associate Professor

Abdul-Hadi Kaakour, MD, Assistant Professor

Janice C. Law, M.D., Associate Professor, Vice Chair for Education

Stephen J. Kim, M.D., Professor



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Mission Statement
The purpose of the fellowship program is to train competent, compassionate, clinicians who have mastered the most advanced methods of surgical and medical management of diseases of the retina and vitreous. The fellowship program provides an intensive, challenging, broadly based clinical and surgical experience with the goal of motivating physicians to pursue leadership roles.

The fellow has an appointment as an Instructor in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.

The fellowship alternates between accepting one fellow/year (even years) and two fellows/year (odd years).

The fellowship is for two years. Approximately equal time will be spent in the clinic and in the operating room during each year. Dedicated time is available for research.

Affiliated Hospitals
The majority of the fellowship experience is provided at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute. Time is also spent at the neighboring Vanderbilt University Medical Center main hospital, Tennessee Valley Nashville Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital, and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, all within a five-minute walk of the Eye Institute.

Clinical Activities
The fellowship offers comprehensive training in the medical and surgical management of a wide variety of vitreoretinal diseases, including retinal detachment, retinal vascular disease, macular disease, intraocular tumors, uveitis, proliferative vitreoretinopathy, trauma, and pediatric retinal disorders. Through progressively increasing participation over two years, the fellow will gain autonomy in clinical decision-making and treatment.

At Vanderbilt, the fellow works with retina faculty in the evaluation and treatment of adult and pediatric patients in the private referral clinics. He/she will participate in clinical diagnosis, treatment planning, office procedures and will assist faculty in the teaching of residents and medical students.   At the Nashville VA Hospital, the fellow, along with a faculty member, will direct the retina service, where he/she will supervise residents in clinic, oversee and perform injections and laser photocoagulation procedures, and assist and perform surgery.

Surgical Training
The fellow will receive a rigorous surgical training experience where he/she can expect to participate in 800-1000 cases with the goal of 500 cases as primary surgeon.  There is a broad range of cases including routine vitrectomy for macular surgery, complex retinal detachment repairs, diabetic tractional detachments, primary scleral buckles and scleral-sutured and scleral-fixated IOLs.  The fellow will also be exposed to ocular oncology and pediatric surgical cases. 

There is dedicated ophthalmology operating space in the Vanderbilt adult and pediatric operating rooms and the Nashville VA, staffed by trained ophthalmic nurses and operating staff.  The operating rooms feature state-of-the-art equipment including Zeiss Lumera operating microscopes along with both the BIOM and RESIGHT Viewing systems.  Additionally, we are in the process of acquiring the NGENUITY 3D Heads-up display and intraoperative OCT.   

Ancillary Services
State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including digital fundus and anterior segment photography, fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography, spectral-domain optical coherence tomography, B-scan ultrasonography and UBM, and electroretinography is used at Vanderbilt.  Additionally, we have access to RetCam and Optos wide-field fundus photography along with OCT angiography. The fellow will have ample opportunity to learn the techniques for performing and interpreting these tests

Lectures and Conferences
The fellow conducts weekly conferences every Wednesday at 7am. The themes of these conferences alternate between medical cases, surgical cases, journal club, and research seminars. Conferences are attended by all Retina division faculty members and provide an invaluable forum to discuss interesting cases and ongoing research. Additionally, the fellow will lead a monthly departmental fluorescein angiography conference, as well as participate in the semi-annual regional Fluorescein Conference attended by regional retina specialists.

Research Activities
The fellow will participate in a clinical or laboratory research project of his or her interest, to be outlined early in the first year. The fellow can also expect to participate in ongoing clinical trials including studies of macular disease, age-related macular degeneration, and retinal angiogenesis. Presentation of original research at national conferences will be encouraged and supported.

Fellows receive both formal and informal feedback from faculty. Semi-annual meetings will be held to evaluate the fellow’s performance and to provide an opportunity to discuss the fellowship experience.

The salary is commensurate with PGY status. A stipend is available for educational development and travel to national meetings for presentations. Malpractice and health insurance premiums are covered. Additionally, fellows receive a personal discretionary account for equipment, meeting travel and expenses.

Fellows are allowed two weeks of vacation in the first year and three weeks in the second year. This does not include days spent presenting at national meetings.

Call Schedule
The fellows will share call for the retina division, one week at a time, with backup provided by the surgical retina preceptors.

Career Development
We work closely with the fellows to help guide their career path throughout their fellowship. Additionally, the faculty foster networking opportunities through local, national, and international meetings.


Please refer to the SFMatch website to apply. 

Former Fellows

Sri Maguluri, M.D., 2004-2006, Chicago, IL

Guri Bronner, M.D., 2005-2007, West Chester, PA

Wayne W. Wu, Ph.D., 2006-2008, Eau Claire, WI

Janice C. Law, M.D., 2007-2009, Nashville, TN

Sachin Mehta, M.D., 2008-2010, Phoenix, AZ

Rahul K. Reddy, M.D., 2009-2011, Phoenix, AZ

Maziar Lalezary, M.D., 2010-2012, Palm Desert, CA

Scott D. Schoenberger, M.D., 2011-2013, Dayton, OH

Rohan J. Shah, M.D., 2012-2014, Chattanooga, TN

Joshua Carlson, M.D., 2013-2015, Medford, OR

Shriji N. Patel, M.D., 2014-2016, Nashville, TN

Gowtham Jonna, M.D., 2015-2017, Austin, TX

Alia K. Durrani, M.D. 2016-2018, St. Louis, MO

Laura L. Snyder, M.D., 2016 - 2018, Chapel Hill, NC

Tomas Moreno, M.D., 2017 - 2019, Jacksonville, FL

Rishabh Date, M.D., 2018-2020, Wayne, NJ

Heather Tamez, M.D., 2018-2020, Blatimore, MD

Kenneth Taubenslag, M.D. 2019 - 2021, Baltimore, MD

Paul Mallory, M.D., 2020 - 2022, Chattanooga, TN

Kurt Scavelli, M.D., 2020 - 2022

Archana Nair, M.D., 2021 - 2023 Dallas, TX


Fellowship Publications & Research Activity

Tomas Moreno, M.D. 2017- 2019

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Alia K. Durrani, M.D. 2016-2018

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Durrani A, Shah RJ, Kim SJ. Successful long-term treatment of paraneoplastic optic neuropathy with mycophenolate mofetil, prednisone, and plasmapheresis. Am J Ophthalmol Case Rep. 2017;8:31-34.

Gowtham Jonna, M.D., 2015-2017

Jonna G, Daniels AB. Enhanced Depth Imaging OCT of Ultrasonographically Flat Choroidal Nevi Demonstrates 5 Distinct Imaging Patterns. AAO Annual Meeting. November 12, 2017. New Orleans, LA (VitreoRetinal Surgery Foundation Research Award).

Jonna G, Kim SJ. Re: Singh et al.: Nepafenac 0.3% after Cataract Surgery in Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy: Results of 2 Randomized Phase 3 Studies. Ophthalmology 2017. Pending publication.

Jonna G, Thompson IA, Kim SJ. Five-Year Functional Outcomes after Epiretinal Membrane Surgery: A Prospective, Controlled Study. ARVO Annual Meeting. May 1, 2016. Seattle, WA (National Eye Institute-sponsored Travel Grant).


Shriji N. Patel, M.D., 2014-2016

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Rohan J. Shah, M.D. (2012-2014)

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