Work/Life Connections FAQ

  • ​Work/Life Connections-EAP consists of three programs: The Employee Assistance Program, the Nurse Wellness Program, and the Faculty and Physician Wellness Program.

  • VUMC: Full or part-time staff, nurses, post-doctoral scholars/fellows, physicians, faculty, and their spouses are eligible for these programs.

  • 1211 21st Avenue South, Suite 010, in the basement of the Medical Arts Building.

  • Call 615-936-1327.

  • 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

    In the event of an emergency or a crisis event after hours, a Counselor on Call is available by calling WLC-EAP at 615-936-1327 and giving the appropriate information to the answering service.

  • All services through Work/Life Connections-EAP are an employee benefit provided at no additional cost to the employee.

  • Counseling/coaching services are meant to be short-term and solution-focused. The number of sessions depends upon the time needed to assess and address the presenting problem. Most people see improvement within four sessions or less. If ongoing, longer-term therapy is needed, the EAP counselor will provide community referrals based upon specific needs and insurance coverage.

  • People talk about a great variety of issues. Common concerns are depression, workplace concerns, relationships, finances and stress.

  • You will complete paperwork and then meet with your counselor. Information will be gathered about your concerns, then you and your counselor will develop a plan to address them.

  • Work/Life Connections-EAP is a confidential service. No information will be released without your written consent except in cases required by law, such as imminent danger to self or others.

  • Call Work/Life Connections-EAP at 615-936-1327 and make an appointment to speak with a counselor. The counselor can give you information about potential resources including the Hardship Fund. Click to learn more about the Hardship Fund.