The Best Way to Get Information From Health & Wellness

​Bridgette Butler, Health Promotion Coordinator of Health Plus, shares the best way for faculty and staff to learn about helpful information and important services from Health & Wellness - including Health Plus, Occupational Health, and Work/Life Connections-EAP.

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Bridgette Butler:  Welcome to this edition of the Vanderbilt Health and Wellness Wellcast.  I am Bridgette Butler with Health Plus.   

Vanderbilt Health and Wellness, the department that provides support for the health and productivity of all Vanderbilt faculty and staff, is here for you providing helpful information and important services to support you during the many changes we’re experiencing in our worlds during this current health climate. All three departments that make up Health and Wellness – Health Plus, Occupational Health, and Work/Life Connections-EAP – are currently available to all employees, and there are a couple of excellent ways to access these resources and get the information from Health and Wellness you need! 

First up, read MyVU or MyVUMC when you receive them to your email inbox. Each of these contain important information from these institutions on the Covid-19 response. Health and Wellness will also be posting information in these publications. Such as service updates, Wellcasts like this one, and helpful articles on managing your well-being during this time. 

To get information almost immediately from Health and Wellness follow us on social media. You can follow Health and Wellness on Twitter and Instagram at @WellVanderbilt. If you don’t use social media, don’t worry! Believe it or not, the Health and Wellness twitter feed has its very own webpage. You can view all current and former Health and Wellness tweets by going to Don’t worry if you didn’t get all that, you can find this written in the transcript below! Follow us now on twitter or visit the Health and Wellness twitter feed webpage to stay up to date with our many helpful offerings such as: 

  • Work/Life Connections ConnectCare teleconsulting sessions 

  • The Health Plus Tip of the Day – healthy tips that can be put into action anywhere…at work, at home, or working from home! 

  • And the latest Occupational Health Wellcast: Covid-19, What Vanderbilt Employees Need to Know 

So watch for Health and Wellness (and Health Plus, Occupational Health, and Work/Life Connections) in MyVU and MyVUMC and follow us on twitter or on our twitter feed webpage and you will never miss the great information for employees from Health and Wellness! 

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