VUMC Compliance Requirements

​​You must meet Vanderbilt University Medical Center's immunization and screening requirements before you can begin work unless your work location is designated as remote in Human Resource's database. You can upload your records online or if you have not had the required immunizations and tests, you can get them at no charge from our employee health nurse at one of the following locations:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center — Main Campus or One Hundred Oaks in Nashville

Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital in Lebanon, TN

  • VWCH - Retha Parker, RN, MSN at 615-453-7232

Vanderbilt Bedford County Hospital in Shelbyville, TN

  • VBCH - Angel Whitaker, RN at 931-685-8404

Vanderbilt Tullahoma-Harton Hospital in Tullahoma, TN

  • VTHH - Janet Baker, RN at 931-393-7944

What are the requirements? Each contagious disease below has specific requirements. Unless otherwise noted, we require official documentation of all vaccines, labs and Xrays. New employees who have not had the required services will receive these services at no charge during their new employee screening.

TB Testing: New employees need documentation of appropriate TB testing upon hire, with either a 2-step TB skin test (both within 1 year, with the most recent within 3 months of hire date) or a blood assay for TB (IGRA, T-Spot, QuantiFERON, etc within 3 months of hire). Confirmatory testing for initial positive tests may be needed, depending on risk status as per CDC guidance.  Individuals with confirmed positive TB tests will need a chest x-ray within 6 months of your hire date. Complete the TB Screening Questionnaire if you have ever had a positive (abnormal) TB skin or blood test.

Varicella: We accept proof of immunity to varicella (chickenpox) via a positive IgG blood test or documentation of two doses of varicella vaccine. Once the 2 dose vaccine series is begun, it must be completed; a blood test after only one dose of vaccine does not indicate optimal immunity and will not satisfy the requirements.

Measles: If you were born before 1957, we have good news! There's no way you survived childhood without getting exposed to measles, so we assume you are immune. Anyone born in 1957 or later needs two immunizations for measles, like the MMR (and they need to be at least one month apart, given after your first birthday). Alternatively, documentation of a positive IgG blood test for measles will satisfy this requirement. Blood testing is not recommended by the CDC and is not routinely provided in our program.

Mumps: Another bonus for those born before 1957 – you're assumed to be immune to mumps too! If you were born in 1957 or later, you'll need one mumps immunization (such as, big surprise, an MMR). Only vaccines given after your first birthday count. Alternatively, documentation of a positive IgG blood test for mumps will satisfy this requirement. As for measles, blood testing is not recommended by the CDC and is not routinely provided in our program.

Rubella: Everyone needs proof of immunity to rubella (German measles) via one rubella immunization (such as MMR) given after your first birthday. Alternatively, documentation of a positive IgG blood test for rubella will satisfy this requirement. Blood testing for rubella immunity is only provided by our program for individuals born prior to 1957 because they do not need an MMR vaccination to meet measles and mumps requirements.

Hepatitis B: The hepatitis B vaccine is offered to employees whose jobs place them at risk of exposure to blood, body fluid, or human tissue. Vaccination is strongly encouraged. If you wish to decline the hepatitis B vaccine, please complete a declination form. New employees without a VUNetID or epassword should complete this form and upload to OHC. Current employees may use the electronic declination form by logging in here .

Pertussis: All employees in the Children's Hospital (including MCJCHV clinics), Women's Health, and Emergency (including LifeFlight) are required to have documentation of one booster dose of pertussis vaccine in the form of Tdap. Routine adult Td boosters and the childhood DTP/DTaP vaccines do not satisfy this requirement.

Influenza: All current employees must have received the flu shot by December 1 each year. New employees hired between November and March must have received a flu shot or have an approved exemption prior to their start date.

COVID-19: VUMC is not currently requiring employees to receive the updated COVID-19 vaccine. However, employees are encouraged to protect themselves and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by keeping up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccination.

To request an exemption from any required vaccination, please complete the Vaccination Exemption Request Form and provide any supplemental information as directed.