Detect and Protect!

Detect and Protect

Watch this video to learn important health prevention techniques for you and your family.

Detect and Protect Resources

Many of the resources focus on content discussed in the 2011 Game Plan for Your Health video, titled Detect and Protect!

Finding a Primary Care Provider:

  • Visit to make an appointment, get tips on preparing for your office visit, learn information on a healthcare provider, and much more.
  • Read Choosing a Primary Care Provider in the Health and Wellness Resource Library.

Well Visits:

  • Learn more about family health history.
  • Use the My Family Health Portrait tool for collecting family history.
  • Ask the right questions of your health care provider.

Preventive Health Screenings:

  • Visit the Health and Wellness Information Portal to view your personal Health Advisor. The Health Advisor will show you what preventive exams are recommended for you based on your age, gender, and race. You can also learn about resources available at Vanderbilt to help you get these preventive services.
  • Read the Preventive Care article in the Health and Wellness Resource Library.
  • Visit the United States Preventive Services Task Force ​(USPSTF) for recommendations considered the "gold standard" for clinical preventive services.
  • Find out what screening tests are covered by Medicare.


  • Visit the Health and Wellness Information Portal to print immunization records from the Occupational Health Clinic.
  • Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vaccination Schedule for Adults.
  • Take the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Adolescent and Adult Vaccine Quiz to see which vaccines you need.

Additional Resources:

My Health at VanderbiltSign up for My Health at Vanderbilt. This secure web service lets you communicate with your providers online. You can also see the results of your tests online, pay bills, request new appointments plus much more.

Medical Center Health Plans​

University Health Care Plans