Knowing who we are and what we believe is an important part of making a career match. At Vanderbilt, we believe in the power of teamwork and collegiality. Our doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff operate as teams - drawing on and respecting the individual skills that each brings to the patient. Our researchers, lab techs and students collaborate to advance medical science.

We believe that building a great place to work is the most important step in making our patients and customers happy and satisfied with their experience at Vanderbilt. We want our staff, no matter who they are, to take ownership of what our patients and customers need and to feel rewarded for doing so. We promise to invest in your growth and development and share our financial success with you in recognition of your contributions to that success. And through our tuition benefit plan, we'll even help your children build their careers and their futures.

We believe in the power of asking questions and constantly seeking answers. It is part of our character to constantly seek better ways of doing things, different ways of looking at things. It drives our research, our teaching, our nursing care and the way we clean patient rooms. And it is something we expect of ourselves, of the students who train with us and the patients we care for... we want them to ask.

Thank you for considering a career with us at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Making a decision about where you want to invest your talents, your energy, your experience and your expertise is an important moment in your life. Please feel free to contact the appropriate recruitment contact below with any questions you might have regarding employment in the VUMC Anesthesiology Department.

  • kelly
    Kelly Mishra, MD
    Medical Director of Faculty Recruitment
    Office 615-322-4650
    Fax 615-343-4729

    Katherine Loh, MD
    Assistant Medical Director of Faculty Recruiting
    Office 615-936-0023
    Fax 6150936-4294

    Melanie Cundiff
    Office 615-875-3142
    Fax 615-343-7246

  • brent dunworth

    Brent Dunworth
    Chief CRNA
    Office (615) 343-6336
    Fax (615)343-1966

  • Kristie Lee
    Manager, Research Division
    Office (615) 343-3778
    Fax (615) 343-3916